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Do you have clients who can help their case with text message history but don’t know how to get the messages off their phones, in a way the courts will accept?
Dijital Web is a local tech and marketing agency located in Markham, Ontario. We’ve been in the business for almost 10 years and we can help! Data extraction can be a complicated process for someone who doesn’t know what software to use with what device, how to export the information in a way that shows all of the relevant information including the senders' information, date & time stamps, and including the full interaction by text message, instant message, email or through a third party communication app like Facebook or Instagram.
Dijital Web provides fast, simple, and reliable data retrieval services so your clients can give you the evidence you need to aid in representing them, in a format acceptable to the courts.

What is the best way to document and print out my messages for a court case or legal proceeding?

No matter how you preserve text messages for evidence, you'll want to make sure that the records have all of the information necessary for them to be admissible in court. Consult a lawyer for the specifics in your region about what information is required. For most legal matters the following details should be visible in your text message documentation:

  • The date and time of the messages.
  • The real contact information for the other party or parties in the text message conversation. For SMS this is a phone number. For MMS or iMessages, this is either a phone number or an email address.

Are digital messages admissible as evidence in court?

Yes, text messages are admissible, but it depends on how you accessed them. Email communications and text messages have become standard fodder in discovery for legal cases for many years now.

Third Part Messages, iOS vs Android

Dijital Web can help you understand the service that was used for communication and the best way to extract information from individual apps, regardless of if they are on an iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, or other kind of device.

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