Designated Drivers Against Drinking Drivers (DDADD) is a unique taxi service that will pick you & your car up from your location and bring you home after a night of drinking. DDADD was looking for a way to have their customers easily book a driver right from their website and have the website locate the customer. They also wanted to update and re-vamp their logo to align with their professional brand.

Dijital Web Development redesigned DDADD’s entire website in order to help them compete with their competition. We are currently integrating their website with a mobile App to allow users to book a driver wherever they are. The website is 100% responsive and custom designed and built. We are strategizing with DDADD to help them increase sales and marketing efforts to spread the awareness of the penalties of Drinking and Driving and inform potential customers how DDADD can help.


  • Logo Re design
  • Website Re design
  • Integrate Geo Location
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Nicole Hunt, Owner - DDADD

I love my new site, and my customers love it too! You made this all happen with ease. Excellent customer service. Thanks Dijital!