Computer & Cellphone Repair

Computer & Cellphone Repair

Our experts have many years in the mobile device service industry and 10+ years in the computer software repair industry! Reach out today and you will quickly see why our friendly, knowledgeable staff are the experts at data retrieval in the GTA.

Dijital Web operates an office in Toronto, providing Ontario with a superior resource for hard drive data recovery, data tape recovery, RAID repair and various other advanced media recovery solutions. We offer convenient access to industry-leading technology, and with our excellent security credentials and risk-free service options, we deliver dependable results for thousands of businesses and personal computer users every year.

Data Repair Services

  • Recover deleted files such as files and photos or from devices with difficulties reading the files
  • Recover files from external hard drives whose casing may have developed issues
  • This recovery may include a USB thumb drive or SD card

Cellphone Data Recovery

Whether you have accidentally/deliberately deleted important data from your smartphone or tablet, caused your device to lock itself by entering a wrong password, pattern lock, or a PIN Code, or your device simply experienced an electronic malfunction, our experts are here to help.

We also offer extensive data recovery services for physically damaged mobile devices, including motherboard-level repairs for damage, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Power issues
  • Boot loop
  • Screen backlight failure
  • Screen touch interface failure
  • Blue/Red screen (iPhone)
  • Damaged ports and connectors
  • Short circuits on the motherboard

The type of data we normally recover includes : Contacts, Call History, Apps, Emails, Passwords, pictures taken on or transferred to the mobile device, SMS Messages, Documents, Music and Video files, WhatsApp messages, Trip logs (for GPS Navigators), Calendar, Geotags, Location information, and Bluetooth connections.