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Welcome to Dijital Web, where our journey is as unique as the digital solutions we create. Born from a college project and fueled by passion and innovation, Dijital Web has evolved into a full-service digital media agency with a lot of heart.

A school project, turned real-life venture, Dijital Web started as DjTal Web Development, a name formed by the monikers of this friendly group of freelancers.

Our name, like our business, has a story of its own. From DjTal, which often led people to think Talia became a DJ, we evolved into Dijital Web – a nod to our digital prowess with a twist, and yes, we know how to spell digital, the but Digital Web with a “G” was already taken. The rebranding coincided with Talia taking the helm in 2014, steering us towards an international client base across Canada and the U.S.

Over the years, we've grown not just in name but in expertise. From our very first client, who's still part of our journey, to the diverse portfolio we've built across industries, our small but mighty team has been rocking the digital world. Our agility keeps costs down and our dedication to relationships keeps clients coming back.

Our founder, Talia, is the heartbeat of Dijital Web. Her background in software development, IT, and database development seamlessly transitioned into a love affair with marketing and the web. Her experience across business sectors, combined with a knack for project management and process automation, set the stage for an agency that's not just about building websites – it's about empowering clients in the digital age.

Now, over a decade later, we're a creative team of five, embracing advanced technologies like AI to stay at the forefront of digital innovation. Every day, we learn, we adapt, and we grow, ensuring that we offer the highest level of service to every business we partner with.

Welcome to our digital family. At Dijital Web, we're more than just a service provider; we're a part of your team, dedicated to your digital success.

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Sr. Full Stack Developer

A pillar of our team since day one and the Technical Backbone at Dijital, Markus is the wizard behind the seamless integration of front-end and back-end technologies. He crafts digital ecosystems and turns complex technical challenges into innovative, user-friendly solutions in the ever-changing digital landscape.


Digital Engagement & Advertising Specialist

Caleb is the key player in amplifying our social media strategies and managing impactful advertising campaigns. With a sharp focus on audience engagement and trends, his proficiency in analytics and reporting shapes our digital marketing strategies, leading us to consistent and successful outcomes.


Founder, Principal Digital Innovator

As the Founder and driving force behind Dijital Web, Talia blends web development, SEO mastery, and social media savvy to create standout digital experiences. Her passion lies in crafting tailored strategies that elevate each client’s online presence. From innovative web solutions to dynamic marketing plans, Talia ensures that every project reflects our commitment to digital excellence and creative innovation.


Lead Creative & Client Specialist

With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of client needs, Dani is the force behind our eye-catching web designs and engaging social presence. Skilled in translating ideas into visual realities, she ensures every project looks fantastic and aligns perfectly with our client's goals.


Sales Support & Operations Specialist

Corey keeps Dijital’s gears turning smoothly. Behind the scenes, he's orchestrating sales processes and managing technical reporting with precision. His meticulous work ensures our team stays on track and our operations run seamlessly, allowing us to focus on delivering top-notch digital solutions to our clients.